ROYAL STAG - Barrel Select
 Tasting Notes Campaign.
Royal Stag Barrel Select is an iconic brand among the spirits brands of India. 
We at 'PIXORANGE' were presented with an unique opportunity to work in collaboration with
Ogilvy to help develop / craft these unique compositions in CGI + retouch showcasing the product.


Client - Pernod Ricard, India.
Agency : Ogilvy, Delhi.
Group Creative Director : Nitin Srivastava @ Ogilvy. 
Art Director : Shashwat Shukla @ Ogilvy. 
Creative Director : Prasad Shetty @ PIXORANGE, mumbai.
CGI / Post Production / Production : PIXORANGE, mumbai.
Retouching Artist : Dipesh Yadav @ PIXORANGE, mumbai.​​​​​​​
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