G-Class. Adventure Beckons.
Mercedes Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is built to satisfy the human need for adventure. And while it is impervious to everything that nature throws its way, the same could not be said of its drivers in case of a hostile encounter with a remote tribe.

We created a guide that would help turn a potentially unpredictable reception into a hospitable one with tribes from around the globe. Along with a detailed description of the tribes, in each section of the book, we added a token of goodwill that would appease their precarious beliefs and customs, and thereby fetch the drivers a warm reception and safe passage. The 115-page leather bound book had Japanese binding and featured 12 international illustrators who brought to life the 12 tribes with unique art expressions. It followed a black and white colour scheme and the brand typography to evoke the spirit of adventure of the G-Class.

We handed out the Tribal Rapport Field Guide to 50 potential and existing customers, and exhibited 1 copy next to the G-Class in the Mercedes-Benz showroom. We were filled with requests for copies and are now printing an additional hundred for Dubai and more for the region. But more importantly, the guide helped establish the brand’s off-roading capabilities and G-Class owners can now make friends on all of their adventures. 

Executive Creative Director: Fadi Yaish
Associate Creative Director: Khaled Said
Creative Director Design: Scott Leder
Senior Creative Designer: Mohamed Said
Senior Copywriter: Alok Mohan
Art Director: Ibrahim Barakat
Creative Designer: Rijin Kunnath
Illustrators : Karna Mukhia, Muhammad Mustafa, Erik Svetoft, Raluca Băraru, Maria Kolyshkina, Roksana Robok, Bence Fakasinszki, Vladimir

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