We first put in our raw talent of fine art. We then added our skills of painting. We threw in our love for photography, colours, shadows and highlights. We then vigorously mixed them with computer graphics and softwares. We cooked the concoction for 3 minutes (one minute longer than a popular noodle brand). And here we are. Ready to serve you a helping of Pixorange, topped with a whole lot of fun.
                 Putting it simply; we’re a one-stop-shop for anything to do with images – From concept development sketches, to illustrations, to image manipulation, to creative retouching to CGI. To put it in perspective – we speak image.

Creating striking imagery is what he prefers over a thin crust pizza with extra cheese. Need we say anything more about his passion? Armed with a fine art degree and specializing in portraits, from NIKE to Cadbury to Snickers to Mercedez and a whole lot more, Prasad has creatively re-touched and illustrated for various award winning advertising campaigns worldwide.
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